8. Project follow-up

Project follow-up, why do you need an interior designer to follow your project renovation

6. The Interior Designer

Interior designer, what’s his job, what’s his assignment. Create harmonious interiors, functional, luminous and in trends.

5. Preparing your house for Christmas

How to properly prepare your Christmas decor, choice of colors, style, for a successful atmosphere. Thinking of taking care of your decoration is the secret to creating a magic of Christmas.

4. How to use Art in your Home Interior Decoration

Art in your interior decoration, making the right choices, a luxury staging

3. The decorative trends 2021 2022

The decorative trends of the year 2021 2022,styles, colors, materials and furniture. All you need to know

2. The ideal armchair for your reading corner

Set up a reading corner at home, choose the right room and the right chair for a spectacular result