8. Project follow-up

Why call on a interior designer for his project follow-up ?

The project follow-up represents an important, tedious and meticulous work. It need a lot of rigour and organization.

Some particulars take the side of executing it themselves. 

LT Design Architecture explain to you, why you should call on an interior designer for your project follow-up.

The project follow-up is the most important part in the smooth-running of your renovation project.

This step allows to organize the site, to gather the necessary informations and the instructions to the differents interveners. 

The project follow-up also makes it possible to verify the conformity of the work.

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The knowledge of your project.

Present from the outset, the interior architect will develop your project and carry out the technical plans of the latter, while knowing your needs and the constraints related to the latter. 

The interior designer has therefore a thorough knowledge of your project.

In this logical sequence, LT Design Architecture advises you to call on the person who will carry out your project to ensure the follow-up. By ensuring the realization of your project from A to Z, you are certain that your wishes will be heard and respected.

The project follow-up

For many, calling on your interior designer to carry out the project follow-up, allows you to be in contact with only one person. A bond of trust has already been created during the design of your project, so it is more comfortable for you to make the project follow-up with someone you already know and have full confidence in.

L’architecte d’intérieur sera donc votre unique interlocuteur sur le chantier. Moins de stress et plus de facilité dans la gestion du chantier et une personne qui reste disponible si vous avez des questions. 

The interior designer thus makes the link between you (the client) and the interveners (building companies, kitchen designers, furnishings, etc.)

He must ensure that every stage of the renovation and decoration is carried out properly.

With LT Design Architecture, the meetings are weekly, we attend all the site meetings and we call the providers. The site meeting makes it possible to ensure of respect with deadlines and schedule, to check the quality of work and norms. 

LT Design Architecture, also carries out “surprise” visits to ensure more respect in the time and quality of the work. These visits are usually made 2 to 3 times during a renovation.

LT Design Architecture offers “emergency” visits, the vagaries of construction projects are never predictable…

The quality

In short, such a service will give you the guarantee of the quality of the work but also the conformity of technical standards and above all the serenity.

At the end of the project, the interior designer also takes charge of the reception of the works by editing the acceptance report, but also the general count. 

LT Design Architecture provides you with a file of the works executed, you find there all the documents of your project, as well as the ten-year guarantees of the providers. Not to mention ours !

An interior designer is essential to notice certain details that you will not usually notice. Thus, the eye of an expert is to be preferred to avoid any technical or aesthetic problems on your project.

Respect of budget

At the beginning of your project, you will discuss the budget with the interior designer. 

The interior designer will direct you according to your wishes and requirements, and will advise you on the materials and finishes to use, in order to respect your budget. 

The budget is defined in the feasibility study phase and then refined and validated in the general design phase. The latter will be respected to the extent that no modifications not initially planned would be requested and to the extent that we do not discover work that endangers your safety.

In summary

Going through an interior designer, is: :

1/ Have a respected budget. 

2/ Have a trusted person following your project.

3/ Having an expert eye on the work, you will be sure of the standards of the work and the quality of the finishes.

4/ Have someone by your side who knows your project and your expectations.

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