Our achievements


12. Apartment Champs de Mars – Tour Eiffel

Haussmannian renovation in progress…

11. Villa Aix en Provence

Creation of the layout of the villa’s spaces, the technical plans, the choice of materials, all the decoration and furniture.

10. Tourcoing Apartment

Refreshment and shine for this apartment in the North of France.

9. Chatenay Malabry

Contributes to the construction, arrangement, layout and decoration of an entire villa…

8. Parisian Hotel (750017)

Complete renovation of a hotel, an upgrade to standards and a new style more elegant, functional access around the Parisian fashion …

7. Apartment St Honoré

Apartment st Honoré : Redefining the spaces and major restructuring are the terms of this large-scale project…

6. Boulogne Billancourt family house

Renovation and decoration of a property in Boulogne-Billancourt, in a contemporary spirit and in warm and dynamic colors…

5. Private mansion Deauville

Restructuring of a ground floor in a private mansion in Deauville…

4. Haussman Apartment

Complete renovation of this flat which was previously used as offices…

3. Bar le 114

Total renovation of a former bar into a lounge bar in a resolutely industrial spirit…

2. Chantilly Tourist Office

Renovation of a former public building into a tourist office in Chantilly to include a reception/ticket office…

1. Restaurant Séson Locavore

Establishment of a Locavore concept restaurant (Local and seasonal) in a business center in Nogent-sur-Oise (60)…