6. The Interior Designer

Interior designer, works with volume, light and materials. The first goal for an interior designer is to design a space, who reflect your personality and your lifestyle.

Interior Designer ensures that the completion of your project meets your needs ans whishes. He carrefully examine all the potentialities to optimise and sublimate your interiors.

The interior designer, what’s his job ?

Interior designer, carry out space design on the personnal scale of everyday life, he organises and lay out beautiful and functional interior space, but he could current regulations.

Interior designer is an expert about a shaps, a colors, a lines, a volumes and materials. He can works interior lighting, draws a paritions, he works with furniture’s place plan. In some cases, an interior designer can design himself furnitures, a technical plan is necessary for understanding the organisation of the customise furnitures.

Why do you need an interior designer

Call on an interior designer for lay out your house or your aprtment is a good idea for dreate an harmony with your differents rooms, insure space optimisation and add value to your interior.

From the specifications, that define requirements and context, an interior designer starts thinking. This logic and unique reflection, lead his work to create an harmonious interior design.

decorating interior designer

Interior designer works principally for renovation projects, he works in a overall project, until decoration aspect.

For the professional project, the interior designer can define visual identity and corporate identity.

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