8. Parisian Hotel (750017)

This hotel needed a complete renovation, an upgrade and a new, more elegant style, functional access around Parisian fashion, which was the wish of the client. The work was therefore initially access to the feasibility study.

The latter allowed us to determine which were the points of fire safety and accessibility compliance, to be brought up to standards in order to link them to the work to be carried out.

Once this step was completed, we were able to produce the study file, which allowed us to determine the overall design of the establishment’s project. We also managed the direction of the execution of the work.

We also managed the execution of the work.

For this project, we designated the furniture for tailor-made manufacture. The textiles and lampshades have also been made to measure for a much more chic and refined finish.

Project year: 2019
Type of property: Hotel
Surface area: 700 m²
Style / theme: Parisian haute couture
Project cost: € 500,000 to € 1,000,000
Location: Paris