Interior design for professionals

LT Design Architecture provides services for cafes, hotels, restaurants, retail, and franchise implementation.

The architect must understand exactly your needs and the commercial stakes of your establishment in order to conceive, manage and carry out all the phases of your project in the best conditions.

Studying and adapting to the constraints of your business is essential to the success of your project. A preliminary feasibility study, followed by a detailed moodboard is established to define the desired style, as well as the necessary changes to define the project with great accuracy.

LT Design Architecture analyses different elements to ensure the quality of your project: the history of the place, its location, its clientele, the technical constraints and the compliance with standards. We can intervene on generalized accessibility for all, fire safety, classification of hotel establishments. This global vision allows us to respond to your needs with precision.

We will accompany you in the transformation of your establishment, it will be designed with harmony and customization. The light, structures and materials will enhance your project.